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A Diggable List of Lists on How to Get Dugg on Digg

Seems like everyone wants to get on Digg these days. Why? Because bloggers read Digg to find things to blog about. And when bloggers blog about something, they link to it. And links are how search engines decide how to rank pages. And building links manually seriously sucks.

So when Digg helps you get 1000 links from bloggers in the same time it might take you to get 10 links otherwise, getting on Digg is an SEO no-brainer.

There's been a flurry of articles on how to get your site Dugg recently. Here's some of the best:

One thing most of these article don't cover is the way getting your site listed on other social media sites can help your article find its way into Digg without you needing to submit it yourself. SEOMoz has a nice list of such sites.

Happy Diggin'

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